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FormPos 960

formPOS 960 is the perfect combination of design, technology and reliability, designed to effectively respond to the most complex needs of the Retail and Hospitality markets.

High performance offered by the Intel® core ™ i3 processor, 2.7 GHZ
SSD-type mass storage with 128 MB of capacity
True flat ip65 front monitor resistant to water and dust
Front monitor with tiltable angle (0 ° -90 °)
Possibility to integrate a second 10.1 “display, or a 2×20 customer display, an MSR or an MSR with i-button


The design’s elegance and ergonomics characterize the robust aluminum structure

The capacitive and multi touch 15 ” touch screen (TRUE FLAT) monitor

The SSD (Solid State Drive) technology of the hard disk, which allows high performance and low power consumption, ensures the system further operational efficiency and reliability



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